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I cannot say enough wonderful things about Candace O'Brien and the AdoptInternational staff!!!  Candace has provided me with pictures, medical information and a sincere desire to complete the adoption as quickly as possible.. She has remained in constant contact throughout the... more more1

Visit our Kazakh program pages. We’ve got a great program”!

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Our Director's visit to Liberia

Our Director, Candace O'Brien, visited Liberia at the end of last year and she has much to share about her trip. Click here to view pictures and read more about her journey and the program. Contact us for more information about our program.



Notice:  Liberia Suspends Adoptions. For further information, visit:

Hague Accreditation Update – Click here 

More and more families adopt internationally each year, with more than 22,000 families adopting in 2005. Whether you are considering adoption from Kazakhstan, Guatemala, Liberia or any other country, getting started can be overwhelming. Let us guide you through the initial international child adoption phases here more5

Telemundo Television interviewed our Executive Director, Candace O'Brien, about the controversy surrounding Madonna's recent international adoption.  Click here more2

An inspiring message from our executive director, and the announcement of an upcoming interactive blog.  Click here more2

AdoptInternational offers international programs for Kazakhstan adoption, Guatemala adoption, Liberia adoption, and Azerbaijan adoption. Check out our interactive international adoption program galleries and begin to experience the journey of a lifetime. Together we are making a difference.  Click here more3

AdoptInternational upholds the highest standards of client service, professional expertise, and integrity. Read more more4

Adoption is a lifetime commitment. Find out why AdoptInternational offers a unique experience and why the personal attention of our executive director, an attorney with many years of international experience, can make all the difference in your international adoption journey. Click here more5

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