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International Adoptions:  Adopting a Child from Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan is temporarily closed to new applicants due to uncertainties in the process and the lack of referrals and processing of adoptions. We do not recommend initiating an adoption from Azerbaijan at this time.


For further information, visit the US Department of State site:


Program timelines, procedures, and requirements are subject to continual change and adjustment based on numerous factors.  Please contact our office for the most recent information on our programs.


This program represents years of effort and determination by the Executive Director of AdoptInternational. She first traveled to Azerbaijan in 1997 to visit orphanages and to discuss with various governmental officials the possibility of implementing legislation that would allow foreign citizens to adopt orphaned Azerbaijani children. We are proud of these early efforts and are heartened to see this program steadily developing.

The Country and Children of Azerbaijan

Infants, toddlers, and school-age children are available as well as children with mild to moderate health issues. Sibling groups are usually not available. Parents may specify age and gender. Children typically have fair to olive complexions with light to dark brown or black hair and dark eyes.

Referrals of children include a video and medical information of the child. Children are tested for HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, and tuberculosis.

Present day citizens of Azerbaijan are heirs of a rich history, the successors of a long progression of cultures and civilizations. Situated on the western coast of the Caspian Sea, bordering Russia, Georgia, Armenia and Iran, ethnically and linguistically, the Azerbaijani people are descended from the nomadic Turkish tribes that migrated west across Transcaucasia into present day Turkey more than one thousand years ago.

Today, Azerbaijan maintains its rich culture with more than 70 different ethnic groups, including Azerbaijanis, Kurds, Jews, Russians, Armenians, Lezghins, and many others.

Azerbaijan Adoption Requirements

Parents must have an approved home study and obtain a Notice of Favorable Determination from the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. Married couples and single women may adopt. There are no age restrictions in Azerbaijan; however, under U.S. immigration law, single adults 25 years or older and married couples of any age may adopt.

Citizens of other countries must comply with the legal requirements of their country of residence.

Azerbaijan Adoption Process and Time Frame

From the time the dossier is sent to Azerbaijan until the time of referral is approximately 2 -3 months. During this time, the dossier is translated, reviewed, and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Cabinet of Ministers.

The court date is set approximately 1-2 months after acceptance of a referral. Both parents must appear in court. This trip can be for 2-3 days. Both parents must travel to pick up their child approximately 1-2 months after the court date and this trip is generally about 7 days.

Azerbaijan Program Travel Requirements

Both parents are required to travel to Azerbaijan twice. During the first trip, parents meet their child and appear in court. Both parents must travel again to pick up their child in Baku and then travel to the U.S. Embassy in Tblisi, Georgia for their child's immigrant visa. Parents have English-speaking escorts during both visits to Azerbaijan and Georgia.

International Adoption Country Comparison Chart

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