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AdoptInternational, Candace O'Brien:  Happy Clients

At AdoptInternational, we are passionate about adoption. We work hard to bring these precious children to your loving homes; we are proud to have many happy clients.  Here is  one who has taken the time to share her experience with us... and with you.

[Below is the observation and feedback of an adoptive parent about our Guatemala team during her visit to see her son Jack, whom she will soon bring home.]


Here's a brain dump on our trip.

The foster mother and her family are amazing and I could not imagine that Jack could be with anyone better.

Carla is very sweet and a great liaison.

The foster mother knows that Kevin will be called Jack and immediately began calling him Jack.

Jack had been getting formula/rice and fruit once a day. We gave him baby food at each meal (3) and he slept soundly through the night (down at 9 and awake at 8).

We brought plenty of food with us and left it with the foster mother. We'll be sending down a bunch more to Miriam's office and Carla said she can deliver it so Jack has it. Carla said getting baby food is not easy as most of it is handmade, when time allows. We can fix this by sending it down ourselves.

Jack is truly an amazingly sweet man who immediately felt comfortable with us. He even cried when we gave him back to his foster mother (although it could be he is teething, but I choose not). No fits, issues at all. Jack was very playful, happy, developed properly, etc. You can really tell his foster mother adores him and that he gets superior care. With that said, it still killed us to leave him, but it sure made it easier knowing he is in her care.

Carla confirmed we are in PGN. Do you have any idea when we went in so I can put it in my log? We'll wait to hear from you, but please let us know if there are any issues (whether we need to do anything to fix it or not) so we keep a realistic time frame in mind. The prayer chain is working overtime for a pre-Christmas arrival.

By the way, I changed laptops at home and I can't find the email of what money we'll need to send at some point (soon we hope). Would you remind me so we can be sure it is in the checking account and ready to be wired?

In closing, you should be very proud of the impression that Carla, the foster mother and her family gave us. It seemed to be a natural extension of how caring you've been with us through the process.

L. Johnson

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