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  1. How much does an international adoption cost?

  2. Why is international adoption so expensive?

  3. Is financial assistance available?

  4. Do you have any suggestions for financing an adoption?

1. How much does an international adoption cost?

Costs vary greatly depending on the country from where you will adopt. In general, adoption fees range from approximately $10,000 to $35,000.

2. Why is international adoption so expensive?

There are many professionals involved in a single adoption process that work together to make it happen, both within the United States and abroad. Fees and costs include home study preparation, U.S. immigration costs, agency fees, foreign fees, and travel expenses. Fees cover the costs of operating and maintaining agency staff in the U.S. and abroad, translation fees, court costs, administration and overhead.

3. Is financial assistance available?

Yes, there are grants, loans and tax credits that may be available to you. You will find many resources on the internet and our staff can provide suggestions to you as well. (See below for some ideas.)

4. Do you have any suggestions for adoption financing?

There are a variety of ways many families finance their adoptions. Many company 401k plans allow employees to borrow up to 50 percent of their current 401k balance. Consider borrowing from your life insurance policy or pension plan as well. Some families take home equity loans. Others take a low-interest card to pay adoption related bills. Many employers are now offering adoption benefits so check with your company's human resources department.

Some other sources include the following:

Private grants and adoption loans may be available to families through the National Adoption Foundation in Danbury, Connecticut (tel: (203)791-3811).

A Child Waits Foundation is a non-profit foundation that makes low cost loans to families adopting internationally. Eligibility to obtain a loan is based on financial need and each case is judged individually. Their goal is to fund families who have exhausted all other resources and who would not be able to continue with an adoption without help. A family may be approved for a loan after the home study is complete, but funds are not released until the final two to three weeks before traveling. Information about the foundation and application forms are found at If you do not have web access please call (413) 499-3992, fax (413) 499-2338, or email

Jewish families may apply to the Hebrew Free Loan Association for interest-free loans to Jewish adults who wish to adopt domestically or internationally. Their web site URL is Before you apply for this or any other loan, contact your bank or credit union. Check with your local bank branch to see what they can offer you. Most banks give home equity loans for adoptions or equity line of credit with the interest qualifying for tax deduction, check with your tax account to see if you qualify.

The National Adoption Foundation ( also offers some outright grants to adoptive families who have completed home studies. The grant program is open to all legal adoptions including public or private agency adoptions, international, special needs, or adoptions facilitated by an attorney. There is no income requirement. There is a simple one-page application and the only requirement to apply is a home study, or one in progress. The Foundation's board meets four times a year, during the last week of each quarter, to award grants in amounts ranging from $500 to $4,000. For more information, call toll free (866) 219-5657.

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