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Program timelines, procedures, and requirements are subject to continual change and adjustment based on numerous factors.  Please contact our office for the most recent information on this program.


Kazakhstan is the latest addition to our programs. We are working with a very experienced team of lawyers in Kazakhstan and we are working in 9 regions. The regions are in diverse

locations throughout the country so the children that are available are diverse in ethnic background as well. Families face many challenges in adopting from Eastern Europe and Russia so we believe that Kazakhstan is an interesting program for families to consider.

The Country and Children of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia and is formerly a member of the Soviet Republic. Kazakhstan gained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Kazakhstan is comprised of approximately 53% Kazakhistanis, 40% Russians and various other ethnic groups. Infants (approximately 7 months and older), toddlers, and school-age children are available. Some children may have mild to moderate health issues. Parents may specify age and gender. The children's ethnicity can be Kazakh, Russian, Chinese, or mixed descent.

Kazakhstan Adoption Requirements

Adoption requirements differ according to region; generally, however, parents may be married or single and may have children in the home. Most regions do not impose a family size limit. Parents may adopt more than one child at a time.

Kazakhstan Adoption Process and Time Frame

Once a family has completed a home study, received immigration approval and completed the required documents for Kazkhstan adoptions (aka dossier), a referral/s will be provided immediately to 2-3 months later. Once the family accepts a referral, a travel date is set. Kazakh law requires a 2 week bonding period with the child. This bonding period begins at the time the parents register with the local government office in Kazakhstan. The court date will be set 2-3 days later. After the court has granted the adoption, there is a 15 day waiting period which some judges may waive. One or both parents may choose to stay in Kazakhstan during this period or may return to the United States. Upon completion of the waiting period, the new birth certificate, passport and adoption decree must be obtained (takes approximately 1 week). After this has been completed one or both parents obtain the visa from the US Embassy.

Kazakhstan Program Travel Requirements

Both parents are required to travel to Kazakhstan for the first trip and to appear before the court. This takes approximately 2 ½ weeks. In some circumstances, escort service is available for the pick up trip. After the court date, one or both parents may remain in Kazakhstan for the process to be completed (approximately 3-4 weeks).

International Adoption Country Comparison Chart

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