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This website is compatible with the current versions of popular browsers and is optimized for Internet Explorer® 6, Firefox® 1.5, and Netscape® 6.  This website does not support Netscape 4 and other version 4 browsers dating back to 1996.  This includes Netscape Communicator 4.79 and 4.8. The technological limitations of these very old versions will render this site in disarray. Please update your browser.

These browsers may be obtained or updated free by clicking their logos below.

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Flash and Acrobat

Additionally, Flash® Player is needed to view the Program Galleries, and Adobe® Reader is needed to view our PDF application and program comparison chart.

These are freely available using the links below:

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We use JavaScript® technology in our navigation to indicate your current location in the menu at left, and also for our site utilities [e.g., logging in, sending pages, bookmarking, printing, etc.].  To see if your browser's JavaScript is enabled, click the BLOG link at the top of the page.  If a small pop-up window does not appear, first, you need to ensure that any toolbar pop-up blockers or the Internet Explorer yellow security bar is configured to allow pop-ups from www.adoptintl.com.  [Please note: we do NOT open unexpected pop-ups.] If this does not work, you may need to reset your browser to its default configuration. Please refer to your browsers help files.

Screen Resolution

Adoptintl.com is optimized for viewing at a screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher.  It will render best in your computer monitor's native resolution which may be 1280x1024 or even higher with larger monitors and modern notebook computers.  Checking and adjusting your monitor's resolution is really easy on a Windows PC, or a Mac.  Just follow the appropriate directions below:

Windows: Right-click in any empty area of your desktop screen and select "Properties" from the menu. A window similar to the one below will appear. Do you see the "Settings" tab at the top? Click it. Under the section titled "Screen Area" or "Screen Resolution", move the slider to the right until it reads 1024x768 or higher. You may also want to adjust the "Color Quality" drop-menu to read "Highest (32 bit)". To finish, click "Apply", then "Okay" to close the window.

Windows screen resolution

Mac: To change the resolution on an Apple® Macintosh system, click the "Apple Menu" and select "Control Panels". Open "Monitors & Sound".  A window similar to the image below should appear. Select the "Monitor" icon then scroll down to select the 1024x768 setting. Close the box to apply.

Mac screen resolution